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Traffic Tales
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Friday, 19 February 2010 05:01
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The arrival of motor vehicles – A Boon!

The emergence of motorized vehicles on the roads is the most significant thing that could have happened in the last century and its impact on our living styles is nothing short of being most dramatic. It has brought about a profound change on the entire life of people be it the

economy, commerce, business, employment, travel, trade, education, family, romance and relationships. Among the amazing experiences made possible by motorized transport is the reality of being able to travel across continents in a few hours thereby dwarfing distances and expanding time. In earlier times, distance posed a daunting aspect while undertaking a journey.



Now we have the Yamaha and Honda motorcycles, Concept cars and SUVs, Mustangs and Beetles, Greyhound deluxe buses and Volvo power trucks setting scorching pace and swallowing the road miles by the minute. The supersonic Boeings and massive Airbuses share the air space with business jets, beech crafts and copters and skim over the clouds.. The Bullet Trains, TGVs and Maglev set the rail track on fire with speed and sophistication. The Luxury liners and Yachts conquer the high seas in days while the speed boats and ferries over run the rapids in the river, in a matter of minutes. The era of horses and horse drawn carriages has come to an end. And automobiles have taken over. And the change is perpetual and irreversible.


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